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Legislative Action – Click here to find your senator or house representative to vocalize your opinion on issues that are relevant to your health and safety.

Able Child – An organization that works against the labeling and medicating of children

Wildest Colts – John Breeding, PhD, author and child psychology expert on the drug-free treatment of children

International Coalition of Drug Awareness – Ann Blake Tracy, PhD, author and SSRI antidepressant expert

Alliance for Human Research Protection – National network to advance responsible and ethical medical research practices

SSRI (Horror) Stories – Collection of violent crimes, suicides and homicides committed on antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs

Unite for Life – Unite For Life is a blog and resource site for information regarding psychiatric drug consumption during pregnancy and lactation

Beyond Meds – A blog resource with discussions about and alternatives to psychiatric drugs

Woody Matters – A psychiatric drug information and resource site

Psychiatric Rights Advocates – A tax-exempt charity devoted to protecting people from the harm and abuse from forced psychiatric drugging

National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse Grassroots activism and education against prescription drug abuse.

Contact: April Rovero, Founder/CEO, 925-480-7723www.ncapda.org, Facebook: NCAPDA